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Review — Blue Karma by J. K. Ullrich

Book title: Blue Karma
Author: J.K. Ullrich
Publisher: J.K. Ullrich
Release date: May 2015
Format: Digital copy, 238 pages
Source: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, J.K.!



Water. It covers almost three-quarters of the planet, comprises more than half the human body, and has become the most coveted resource on Earth.

Amaya de los Santos survived the typhoon that left her an orphan. Now she scrapes by as an ice poacher, illegally harvesting fresh water for an always-thirsty market. But when she rescues an injured enemy soldier, she’s pulled into a storm of events more dangerous than any iceberg. After years of relying only on herself, she must learn to trust another…or risk losing all that’s left of her family.

Logan Arundson should be dead. After a mysterious attack destroys his military unit, he abandons his Arctic post for his native California, where droughts have made water a religion and a resource worth killing for. But when the water wars follow him home, he must face his frozen demons if he wants to save his town…and the girl he loves.

Paul Hayes is heir to an empire. But being vice president of a powerful hydrology company isn’t all gardens and swimming pools: he deals with ice poachers, water rights, and the crushing expectations of his CEO mother. His investigation into company sabotage and the miraculous appearance of a lake in a small California town lead him to a shocking discovery…and an impossible decision.

Blue Karma is a story of choices and consequences, humanity and love.

The review:

In the dystopia that Blue Karma takes place in, water is scarce. The government rations it, people fight over it, and some even use illegal means to get it. (The black market is called the “blue market.” Yup, I chuckled.) Climate change and environmental disasters have displaced thousands of people, too, and those who have had to find new places to live are called environmental refugees, “engees” for short. Engees are hated for taking up space and “stealing” water that “belongs” to others. It’s a tough life for everyone who isn’t swimming in wealth. Blue Karma follows the journeys of three characters who fall at different places of the spectrum.

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