Review Policy

I am NOT currently accepting books for review through inquiries. Sorry!

In case you ship, I live in the United States.

You can get in touch with me through this contact form.

The Review Policy

  1. My opinions are my own and I am an honest and fair critical reviewer. I am not paid to write reviews. I review books because I enjoy it.
  2. I retain the right to decline any request depending on interest and my schedule. If I am interested and have time, I’ll be in touch.
  3. Acceptance of a review request does not guarantee a review, nor does it guarantee a positive review. If for some reason I am unable to review your book I will contact you with my apologies and reasons why. (I do occasionally post DNF — did-not-finish — reviews.) Also note that I do not post reviews any earlier than 30 days prior to a book’s release date.
  4. All my reviews are published to this blog and cross-posted to my Goodreads account. I alert whoever sent me the book with a link to the blog review via email the day the review goes live. I always credit sources and put disclaimers in my reviews, too.

If you would like to request a book for me to consider reviewing, please email me. You can reach me through my contact form here. Please include detailed info about the book in your inquiry. Most importantly: the title, author, publisher, release date, audience, genre, and synopsis! Also include the time frame you’d prefer the review to be published if it’s an upcoming release — I can’t make any promises, but I try to review as close to your requested date as I can. Additionally, I’d love Goodreads/Amazon links.

Review Copies: What I will and will not accept

  • Formats I accept: I prefer printed ARCs/galleys and finished copies, but will read ebooks/digital files (.mobi and .epub).
  • Formats I do not accept: Audio books.
  • Age groups I accept: Young Adult (primarily), Middle Grade, New Adult, and Adult.
  • Age groups I do not accept: Young children’s or baby.
  • I accept fiction only through email inquiries. Novels, graphic novels, etc.
  • I do not accept nonfiction through email inquiries. I only review nonfiction if I am the one who reaches out first. Sorry!
  • Genres I accept: Fantasy (especially high fantasy), paranormal, supernatural, science-fiction, dystopia, post-apocalyptic, historical fiction, contemporary, mystery, thrillers, chick-lit, retellings (especially fairy tale retellings), mythology, and anything with dragons.
  • Genres I do not accept: Erotica, Christian, religious, poetry, short stories, anthologies, picture books, children’s chapter books.

A Word About Series

I prefer reading and reviewing books in their series order. For example, I will not review book #2 if I have not previously read #1. Please consider sending me review copies of the series’ earlier titles — which I offer to review in addition to the book you would like me to review in the first place. (Within reason, of course. Don’t send me 11 books in a series to review at once because that’s overwhelming.)

Besides Reviews: tours, interviews, blitzes, guest posts, etc

I currently do not participate in blog tours, hops, blitzes, or author interviews unless I am the one who reaches out first and/or am familiar with the author already and like their work.

Thanks for reading all of this!
I look forward to hearing from you!

Page last updated 9/1/2015.