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Book to Movie Adaptations I Really Want to Watch | Top Ten Tuesday [#15]

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This week’s topic asks us to list the book to movie adaptations we really want to see! I’m including TV series, too. (You’ll see why!) I thought about making a list of my favorite book to movie adaptations I’ve seen, but I decided that making a list about the ones I haven’t seen would be fun, too, and a better push to actually go and watch them. (I might still make a list about my favorite book to movie/TV show adaptations sometime in the future. In fact, now I want to!) But for now, let’s jump right in, shall we? Titles are listed in no particular order.

The Top Ten:

the-martian-poster BookThief-Movie-Poster-600x888 hugo-poster-big Divergent_poster_hq Insurgent-poster The_Maze_Runner_poster catching-fire-poster-610x903 mockingjay1-poster mockingjay-part-2-final-poster desolation-of-smaug-poster the hobbit the battle of the five armies poster 2 a-room-with-a-view-movie-poster Pride-and-Prejudice-1995-bbcposter 

  1. The Martian. I’m currently in a total sci-fi/space mood because of the NaNo novel I’m writing, which is consequently a space sci-fi. I haven’t read The Martian, but I want to, as well as watch the film. I’ve heard that both mediums were very well received.
  2. The Book Thief. I loved the novel by Markus Zusak. And the movie adaptation has Geoffrey Rush in it, an actor whom I greatly admire. (Have you seen him in The King’s Speech? Or the Pirates of the Caribbean Movies? He’s awesome.)
  3. Hugo, which is based on Brian Selznick’s magical novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret (check out my review). A baby Asa Butterfield!
  4. Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant. I know Allegiant doesn’t come out until March 2016, but I haven’t seen Divergent or Insurgent, and I kind of want to. I have a weird relationship with the books, but I like Shailene Woodley and Theo James and am interested in seeing major bad-assery happen.
  5. The Maze Runner. I really liked The Maze Runner novel by James Dashner but the rest of the books totally didn’t work for me. I love all the young actors in The Maze Runner movie, especially Thomas Sangster, the kid from Love, Actually, all grown up. (He was on Game of Thrones, too!) As for The Scorch Trials, I really didn’t like the book, so there’s not much motivating me to watch the film, except for Aidan Gillen as Ratman (he plays Littlefinger/Petyr Baelish on Game of Thrones.)
  6. The Hunger Games movies: Catching Fire, Mockingjay: Part 1 and Mockingjay: Part 2. I saw the first film, but never got around to watching the others. (Mockingjay: Part 2 is coming out next week in the US.) I do like the books, and I really like most of the actors in the films. Also, thank goodness they apparently got rid of the horrendous shaky-cam that was the star of the first movie.
  7. The Hobbit movies: The Desolation of Smaug and The Battle of the Five Armies. Again, like with The Hunger Games franchise, I saw the first Hobbit movie, but never saw the two others. Which is a shame, seeing as I love Martin Freeman and Ian McKellan and Lee Pace and Benedict Cumberbatch and even Orlando Bloom on most occasions.
  8. A Room with a View. I read the book and wasn’t that enraptured, but I understand the story’s importance and would very much like to see its famous adaptation. Baby Helena Bonham Carter and a much, much younger Maggie Smith are in it. Also, side note, have you seen the film’s trailer? The movie is so old that they allowed nudity in the trailer! First time I saw the trailer I was like, WHOA THERE, WILD NAKED MEN and burst out laughing. (So, uh, please be prepared if you’re going to watch the trailer…)
  9. BBC’s mini-series of Pride and Prejudice, the one with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. I still haven’t gotten around to seeing the iconic mini-series, although I absolutely adore the 2005 film with Keira Knightly and Matthew Macfadyen.
  10. And last, I am eagerly (EAGERLY) anticipating the recently announced BBC television series based on Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy! The Golden Compass is one of my favorite books and the film version with Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman was all right, but didn’t do the novel justice. BBC makes great television (*cough* Sherlock *cough*) and I have a feeling that they’ll make a great series.

Have you read any of these books or seen any of these movies?
If not, do any of them pique your interest?
What a book to movie/TV adaption you really want to watch?
What’s one of your favorites?
(Some of mine are Howl’s Moving Castle, Sense and Sensibility, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings!)
Comment below letting me know!

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19 thoughts on “Book to Movie Adaptations I Really Want to Watch | Top Ten Tuesday [#15]

  1. And I was like all smiles as I read your list because your wit is infectious! I either read/watched/read and watched these books and movies! 😀

    The Book Thief is not a favorite for me but it was really moving and I plan to watch the movie too! 😀

    I have finished reading the Divergent series and watched both Divergent and Insurgent. Though I really hate the ending, I will still watch the film for the sake of finally ending it and of course, hoping that it may get a different ending! (Haha) Plus, Theo James is just so HOT! 😀

    I haven’t read any book from The Maze Runner series because I am now in a state of no-dystopia-YA-series-anymore but I watched the movie. My sisters insisted that I watch the Scorch Trials because they have watched it in advance and they know how I hate monsters and zombies. As they expected, I was screaming like crazy and they had fun. 😀

    Finally, I liked The Hunger Games’ first movie. It made me read the whole series! Though I am also disappointed with how it ended, I will still watch the remaining movies. 🙂

    Sorry if I talked a lot! Haha

    BTW, here’s my TTT: 🙂


  2. I love Hugo movie (I actually re-watched it few days ago) and The Martian, both are pretty good but in both cases I haven’t read the books. I will need to work on that.

    Hobbit movies are fantastic, but they don’t follow the book closely. I loved them anyway 😀

    Divergent and Hunger games movies were good, but not great comparing to books. Insurgent was just OK, I liked the first movie more. I can’t wait for the last Mockingjay movie although I don’t really want to watch all those deaths…


    1. The Golden Compass/Northern Lights was made into a movie many years ago with Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman and Dakota Blue Richards in it, but it really bombed at the box office and the reviews were fairly mixed. I saw it and while it was okay, it really didn’t do the novel justice. It changed some stuff around and diminished some of the book’s bigger themes. The BBC recently announced they’re going to be making a TV series based on the books now, and hopefully it’ll be a really good adaptation. Fingers crossed!


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