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Review — Love, Volume 2: The Fox by Frederic Brremaud, illustrated by Federico Bertolucci


The Fox by Frederic Brremaud, illustrated by Federico Bertolucci. Love, #2.

My copy: Magnetic Press, November 10th, 2015. Egalley, 80 pages.

Source: I received this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, Magnetic Press and Diamond Book Distributors!


Read my review of The Tiger, book #1, here.


Second in the celebrated series of wildlife graphic novels, author Frederic Brremaud and illustrator Federico Bertolucci turn their lens on a northeastern woodland setting to follow a single fox through its daily journey through the trees and along the seafront. Only this is not just another day — a spectacular volcanic eruption throws the area into chaos, sending creatures of all kinds scurrying for safety. But the intrepid little fox surprising decides to run into the danger instead of away! What could send this tiny hunter towards the danger? This all-ages title will appeal to children and adults for its breathtaking illustration and gripping adventure drama.

In August I received an email from NetGalley spotlighting some new graphic novels available for request. Love, Volume 2: The Fox was the featured book in the email blast, and listed as “Read Now”. I ran over to NetGalley like my life depended on it, downloaded that egalley file, and read the book immediately! Can you figure out how excited I was for this book?!

I’d previously read the first volume in this graphic novel series, The Tiger, and absolutely loved that. So I was ecstatic to be able to read The Fox. The Fox follows, duh, a little red fox, who scampers through the chaos when a volcano erupts. I think I liked The Fox more than The Tiger, mainly because The Fox‘s story is so much more personal. I teared up! And, because I am notoriously bad at reading book synopses, I was sooo not expecting that twist at the end! The story is beautiful and sad and frightening; I was completely gripped.

Again, the artwork by Federico Bertolucci is absolutely breathtaking and mindblowingly detailed. (That’s a word, right? Mindblowingly? If not, I’m making it one.) The animals seem so life-like. The colors are stunning and vibrant and realistic. When reading graphic novels with stellar artwork, I’m always in awe. I’m terrible at drawing; I never graduated from stick people. (Okay, I’m exaggerating a little, but would I ever be able to illustrate a graphic novel? Heck no. I bow to you, Mr. Bertolucci.) Also, like The Tiger, The Fox is completely without words. The story is told through the art alone. And it is perfect. I can’t wait for the third volune, The Lion, I believe it is called. Gimme it now! Please? 😀 ♦

Have you read The Fox?
If you haven’t, would you be interested to?
How about the first book in this series, The Tiger?
What’s your favorite book, graphic novel or not, about or featuring an animal?
Comment below letting me know!
And, as always, happy reading!

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