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How my reading habits have changed since book blogging

It’s the inaugural Monday Musing! Not sure if I’m going to make this a weekly thing, but I’m finally introducing discussion posts to the blog. Since I had my one year blogiversary last week, I thought it fitting to talk about how my reading habits have changed since I started blogging.

I’m on top of new releases, bestsellers, and award winners, for the most part. I can go into a bookstore and actually recognize almost all the titles and know my blogger friends’ opinions on them and what sort of marketing and media hype has been surrounding them! It makes me incredibly pleased to have a wealth of knowledge of the books I see in stores. (Although it’s very rare when I do visit bookstores because I don’t have money for books, that’s why I utilize my library so much.)

I am a lot more familiar with different publishing houses. Before, I paid very little attention to imprints and houses. I knew the big ones, like Harper, Penguin, Knopf, Scholastic, etc., but I didn’t really know the imprints and what types of books those imprints focused on. I don’t judge a book based on the publisher and I never will, but now I have a good grasp of so many publishing houses and who and what they represent.

I read mostly new releases and books that are hyped or well-known in the book community. As a book blogger, it’s important to stay on top of current and upcoming releases because we’re basically “media”. I also get ARCs and egalleys for review which adds to all the current titles being published that I make sure to read. That being said…

I don’t read as many “back list” books and I barely have time to reread books anymore. This makes me sad. I used to be an avid rereader, and I still love rereading books, but it’s hard to squeeze in books that aren’t on my immediate TBR pile. I have to prioritize certain titles, and older books or books that I’ve already read get sidelined. I’m hoping to reread a bunch of books this fall, though, since I set myself a goal this year to reread at least nine of them. (I’ve reread only two this year: The Tiger Rising and The Little Prince.)

I read much more widely. In addition to mostly Young Adult, I do now read New Adult and Adult titles, which I literally had no interest in a year ago. I also read a wider range of genres, and there aren’t any genres I can think of that I’m avoiding or just not as interested in. (I’m not sick of dystopia, I’m not sick of fantasy, I’m not sick of sci-fi. I’m happy that I’m tired of any genres!) I’ve been picking up a few more contemporaries than usual (but even so, I still barely read them), and have begun reading thrillers and mysteries. I still haven’t gotten into adult literary fiction, but that’s something I’m hoping to transition into slowly over the next few years. I’m also much more open to nonfiction books on unique topics. And I have become a huge graphic novel fan, and even have started to dive into manga! I used to think graphic novels, comics, and manga weren’t worth my time because they’re mostly just pictures… How very wrong I was!

My TBR pile of books I want to read (physical or not) is gigantic. Before, I would just read whatever interested me at the time and I didn’t care too much about keeping up with what was current. Now I have ARCs and egalleys to read and review, I take out library books every week, download books for Kindle, and have an utterly massive Goodreads wishlist of all sorts of books that I’d like to read one day. It’s frightening how many books I’m aware of that I want to get to eventually. TBR pile stress is a very real large and looming thing.

I read ebooks. I read on my iPhone because I don’t have a Kindle, and I’m perfectly fine with that (although I would definitely like a Kindle at some point). My main reason for downloading the Kindle app was because of the egalleys publishers send through NetGalley. Reading on my phone is great when I don’t want to lug a book around, and it allows me get some late-night reading done without needing to have my bedroom lights on at three in the morning. I also am amassing a nice Kindle library… although it’s growing much faster than I keep up with! Additionally, I read egalleys on my computer with the Adobe Digital Editions software, when publishers send me books that aren’t in the Kindle format.

I am more critical of the books I read. I’ve always had strong opinions about what I’ve read, but I no longer read a book and move onto the next one without forming some sort of written review summarizing my thoughts, even if it’s just a few sentences. I’ve also read a lot of books in my life, especially in recent years, and keeping a record of every book I read is important to me. Also, the more you read, the more you’re bound to notice similarities to other books or know when something is very unique and original. I also have more knowledge of what’s good and not so good, and have come to expect certain tropes or trends.

I just read a lot more! 2015 has so far been my most productive reading year, and it’s only the end of summer! We’ve still got four more months of the year, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up reading close to 200 titles this year! I’ve always read at least 100 books a year, but since blogging I’ve been reading loads more books, and reading them faster.

How have your reading tastes/habits changed in the past few years?
Do you find yourself reading more or less of a particular genre?
Are you branching out into different age categories?
Are you reading any types of books you thought you’d never pick up?
Comment below letting me know!

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8 thoughts on “How my reading habits have changed since book blogging

  1. All of these are the same for me as well! It’s an awesome feeling going through the books in the library or at a bookstore and knowing a little bit about each one because you have this information storage in your head, haha. The only one I differ in is reading widely, because I tend to stay in YA more now I think. Great post!


    1. I know, I feel so smug, and I can totally point out to my friends and family what I recommend and what that book’s about and the reviews this book’s gotten… And I’ve been conscious about reading more than just YA, even though I’d love to stay in the genre and wouldn’t mind never coming back out of it. 🙂


  2. Yes and YES to so much of this!! I can totally go into a bookstore and be like “read that, and that and omg, that one was good!” and it just give me such nerdy pleasure. hehe. BUT. I don’t read a lot of older books. 😦 And I tend to read everything instead of JUST what intrigues me, therefore I actually read a lot of books I don’t like. But at the same time, I feel really widely read and I can join in on almost any bookish conversation because I’ve at least heard of the book if not read it. 😀 I LOVE THAT.


    1. I read widely, but I still try to read only books that intrigue me. Even so, I come across plenty of books I don’t like. But I’ve also heard of many books I’ve never read, just because I’ve seen them around and seen other bloggers talk about them. It’s a great feeling, right? I feel so much cooler than I actually am, haha.


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