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The Sunday Post — August 16th, 2015 | #23

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Last week on the blog:


What I read:


  • Tangled Webs by Lee Bross. 2 stars. Started off with so much potential but was ultimately really disappointing. The gigantic case of insta-love and the complete lack of plot for a good long chunk of the book were what really killed this for me.
  • Amulet, Book 3: The Cloud Searchers by Kazu Kibuishi. 4 stars. Beautiful art from Kazu Kibuishi as usual. But the story does seem to have lost its darker and more mature tones.
  • From a Distant Star by Karen McQuestion. 3 stars. It started off a bit bumpy, but I really grew to like Emma and Scout. Everyone bought the whole alien thing waaaaaaay too easily, but this was a fun book.
  • Amulet, Book 4: The Last Council by Kazu Kibuishi. 4 stars. Well, there were some sad moments in here. But also a few funny ones concerning Dagno the baby dragon! This book was darker than the others. There is some real double crossing, too. I can’t wait to get my hands on book 5!

Soon to be reviewed:


Reviews are coming…! I’m hustling to get them written… Also, four of these books are NetGalley review copies! So when I write and then schedule those reviews, I’m going to see a nice little increase in my NetGalley feedback percentage! It’s those little things in life… 😉

Currently reading:


  • The Red Chameleon by Erica Wright. Okay guys, goal for August: finish this book! It’s good, just not something I’m in the mood for these days. But it’s a review copy and I need to get it read and reviewed before the guilt gets any bigger.
  • The Cage by Megan Shepherd. Aliens put humans in a zoo. This is pretty cool — and very creepy — so far.
  • Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. I’ve been spoiled for the big shocking twist, so I’m currently reading this with my eyebrow raised. That being said, I like it so far, but I can totally see where the story’s going to go.
  • Zeroboxer by Fonda Lee. This paperback is just so satisfying to hold. It’s floppy and has nice smooth pages and the cover is glossy. Ahem… The story sounds cool, too, a super original sci-fi novel. Fact: I actually got this on NetGalley way back when but my egalley disappeared off my Kindle app before I got a chance to read it, and by then the book was archived on NetGalley. Such a pity — but now I get to read it finally!

The books I acquired:

Here are the books I acquired this week.

  • Aurora Sky by Nikki Jefford. Benjaminoftomes’s Free Book Friday pick of the week!

The library haul:

Here’s what I picked up from the library this week.


What I am planning to read next:

ALL THE ARCS, as stated in this post here. Plus the library books I have out right now (which is many more than the ones listed above; I am a champion at renewing books I don’t get around to reading right away).

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What are you currently reading?

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