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The Literary Twin Book Tag!

I was tagged by Emily @ Loony Literate. Thanks so much! Tags are awesome. Who doesn’t love answering bookish questions? This tag was originally created by Aimee @ Deadly Darlings.

Just so you know, this tag was excruciatingly difficult for me! I’m terrible at remembering characters, actually. I also don’t really compare myself to characters; I just remember them if they’re truly cool, bad-ass, brave, smart, etc. Basically, if they’re unforgettable or super famous in the world of books (think Katniss, Celaena, Hermione). But let’s get onto the tag, shall we?

1. A character I am most similar to…

Cath from…

Cath from Fangirl, though, like I mentioned above, I hardly ever compare myself to characters so I’m not too sure how accurate that is. But Cath is a nerd like me. She reads, she writes, she’s quiet, she’s a fangirl… I know those are vague reasons, but I’m coming up short on ideas.

2. A character who I aspire to be…

Annabeth from…

Any smart, kick-butt heroine who learns from her mistakes, embraces her flaws, falls in love with a hot, equally smart, kick-butt guy who she doesn’t depend on, and does the world a favor somehow. The first (ahem, and only) girl who pops into my head is Annabeth Chase. That girl is everything I just described — except that her boyfriend may not be equally as smart as her. (Still love you, Percy! You’re smart, sometimes, you’ll just never be on Annabeth’s level. Don’t worry — nobody is on Annabeth’s level!) Also, I totally don’t remember which book Annabeth shines the most in, but I figured she’s heavily featured in The Mark of Athena so that’s the cover I’m using.

3. A character who most people see me as…

Hermione from…

Um… I don’t have any IRL book nerd friends, but one year I went as Hermione Granger for Halloween and that was awesome. A ton of people saw me as her!

I tag…

the following people (forgive me if you’ve already been tagged or don’t do these types of posts):

If I haven’t tagged you though… consider yourself tag! I’m leaving this open-ended so everyone can have fun if they wish! 😀

What character do you think you’re most like?
What character would you like to be for a day?
Comment below letting me know!

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