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Bookish Problems I Have | Top Ten Tuesday [#6]

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Problem #1: Not having enough shelf space.

I have four bookcases in my bedroom. And two and a half of those four bookcases are double-stacked. And I haven’t even bought that many books in the past four or five years, since I started using the library so much!

Problem #2: Taking out too many books from the library.

Like I said above, I use the library a ton. It is my most favorite place ever, after my bedroom and Barnes and Noble. The only problem is, when I go to pick up a few books that have arrived on order for me, I always somehow find myself perusing the giant wall of YA books, no matter how hard I tell myself I shouldn’t! I 99% of the time leave with way more books than I intended, and therefore I am woefully behind on my library reading.

Problem #3: When a series ends.

When a good series ends, that is. But it’s always so sad when the story is finally over. I’ve gotten so invested and then it just stops. *Sniffle.*

Problem #4: When covers don’t match.

I think we can all agree that this is absolutely infuriating. DON’T CHANGE THE COVERS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SERIES, PUBLISHERS! Yeesh-mageesh. SMH.

Problem #5: Not having enough money to buy books.

Hence why I use the library so much. Otherwise, I’d be at Barnes and Noble probably every week buying books. In a way, I suppose it is a good thing that I am totally broke, because otherwise my already-large TBR-pile would be an absolute mountain.

Problem #6: Not knowing what to read next.

With so many books on my TBR (library books, review copies, books I own but haven’t read yet or want to reread), sometimes it’s terribly hard to pick what to read next. When I’m truly stumped on what I should read, I sometimes do it based on book length and size of the font or the cover or if I’ve heard recent buzz about it. Or I’ll read the first page of a few books and choose the one that sounds most interesting.

Problem #7: Not knowing how to review a book.

Some books, good or bad, leave me totally clueless as to how to review them. I have thoughts on the story, but when I sit down at my computer to type my review, I am so blank. It’s maddening, and often times I have to wait a couple days to write the review… which then usually means my blog isn’t updated for a few days.

Problem #8: Instalove.

Number one pet peeve. I hate instalove even more than love triangles, and I’m not a fan of love triangles, either. But instalove… just, no. It’s so unrealistic and irks the heck out of me. I roll my eyes so much when I read about it.

Problem #9: Not having any in-real-life friends to talk to about books.

I love the online community of book nerds. It’s an amazing virtual place and I am so thankful to have found a lovely little home here. But sometimes it would be nice to literally talk out loud to someone about the books I’ve been reading. And, sadly, I know zero people who I can do that with. Sigh.

Problem #10: Not being able to read ALL THE BOOKS!

I read a lot of books. But there’s no way I, or anybody else, will be able to read ALL THE BOOKS. I try to read widely, but there will always be books that take me forever to get around to reading, and there are always going to be books I’ll never read because I just don’t know about them or have to prioritize other books. I just wish I could read books all day and not have to do anything else. My TBR-pile would definitely get to a reasonable size that way!

What are your biggest book-related problems?
Comment below letting me know!

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9 thoughts on “Bookish Problems I Have | Top Ten Tuesday [#6]

  1. I completely agree with all of these! Shelf space is such and issue — I just get books at too fast of a pace.

    Reviews can be so tough to write up sometimes, especially when I love the book so much and I can’t form coherent thoughts.

    Great list!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I so want to read all the books. I need a clone or something….grumbles and goes to search for the fountain of youth

    OH. SHELF SPACE. The struggle is real! I’ve run out already and I’ve only had my bookshelf for 1 year, sooooo…I’m SUNK. XD hopefully one day I’ll get another (not that it’ll fit in my room, but do I really need a bed?!)

    Liked by 1 person

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