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The One Lovely Blog Award! (Or, 7 facts about me)

One Lovely Blog Award logo

Aw, I was so pleasantly surprised to find that Emma has nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award! This award aims to help bloggers grow their audience. Plus, it’s just fun! Thank you so much, Emma, for the nom! Everyone, go check out emdoesbookreviews. She’s got a lovely blog, too!

The guidelines for this award are:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
  2. Add the One Lovely Blog Award logo to your post and/or blog.
  3. Share 7 facts/or things about yourself.
  4. Nominate 5 bloggers you admire.

Here are 7 facts about me:

  1. I am terrified of bugs–the more legs, the more terrified. And I can only kill them myself if I’ve got, like, a magazine at hand. Otherwise I just scream and run away and hope someone else gets rid of it.
  2. My favorite TV shows are Sherlock and Game of Thrones. Veep and Parks and Recreation come right after. (I am also currently binge-watching Ugly Betty.) If anyone loves these shows, please chat to me in the comments or on Twitter because the Tumblr fandoms kind of scare me a little… haha.
  3. I am super near-sighted. I wear glasses as well as contacts, and I am scared to death to ever walk around outside without some sort of lens to see through. I’m not blind or anything, but I can’t read things or see faces clearly.
  4. Also, this is somewhat embarrassing, and related to the previous fact–I never remember where I put down my glasses when I’m at home. So then I’m running around frantically patting surfaces while squinting and yelling, “Have you seen my glasses?” Yup, I’m a mess.
  5. I only speak English, but I studied Mandarin when I was little and then Italian when I got older. In terms of Mandarin skills as a child, I got to a point where I could understand the basic gist of spoken conversations. In terms of Italian skills as a teenager, I got to a point where I could read Italian and get a good sense of what was being written. Now? All that knowledge has kinda evaporated, sadly…
  6. My kitchen is seriously the worst. It’s ridiculously tiny. I’m not even joking when I say a boat galley might be/is probably bigger.
  7. I used to invent card games when I was little. I didn’t really like playing traditional card games except Spit/Speed and Blackjack, but I liked making up my own! I grew to like Solitaire a lot, but I don’t play it much anymore. It’s such a great time-killer, though.

And here are the 5 awesome bloggers I nominate! If you’ve already been nominated or don’t do these type of posts, just ignore this–but know that I do admire you and your blog!

  1. Emily @ Loony Literate)
  2. Mallory @ The Local Muse
  3. Mallory & Maria @ Reads by M and M
  4. Sajda @ Across the Words
  5. Taylor @ Paper Daydreams

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One thought on “The One Lovely Blog Award! (Or, 7 facts about me)

  1. Thanks so much for tagging me, Mallory! 🙂 Of those shows, the only one I’ve seen is Parks & Rec, but my family just started watching it on Netflix recently and OH. MY. GOD. We’re only on, like, episode 8, but it’s so funny! I also need to wear glasses because my eyesight’s so bad that if I take them off, I can’t really make out faces even just across the table from me. And Solitaire is a great way to pass time! It’s good by yourself, and my family also likes to play double, triple, quadruple, quintuple Solitaire–we used to play massive games together when we’d go camping with my aunt, uncle, and cousins, which kind of defeats the purpose of the “solitary” part of the game, but it’s such a blast! Thanks for sharing all of these great facts, it was fun to learn a bit more about you! 🙂

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