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Review — Hourglass by Myra McEntire

Hourglass by Myra McEntire, Book #1 in the Hourglass trilogy. Source: Library. Format: Paperpack, 390 pages, Egmont USA, 2012.

I thoroughly enjoyed Hourglass. The supernatural aspects were well balanced and I love the science and physics of time travel. Emerson was a great, strong character. Her parents died when she was younger which really wrecked her emotionally; she learned to close in on herself by being sarcastic and putting on a big show to prove she’s “fine.” Lately, though, she’s been seeing dead people. Or, rather, she’s been seeing people from the past in her everyday life, such as at parties and inside her home. With the help of her older brother Thomas, Emerson’s tried anything and everything to stop her hallucinations. Nothing’s worked. But then Michael from an organization called the Hourglass comes to help Emerson, and things start unraveling from there.

I liked Emerson a lot; she took no crap and pounded everyone over the head for answers. I wish most protagonists in books were more insistent and stubborn about getting told what the heck’s going on. There was still plenty of “I’ll tell you later” or “it’s not my place to say” or “you shouldn’t worry right now” but at least Emerson wore everyone down after a day or so and didn’t back down from getting what she wanted. Her traumatic past only made her stronger, as we see as the book goes on, and the secrets concerning her parents’ death were a shocker.

I really admired Emerson and Thomas’s relationship; she was brave enough to confide in him and he was going to help her no matter what. He was a fatherly figure to her as well as a brother and you could tell they really cared for each other. I loved Dru, Thomas’s wife, too. Michael, Emerson’s love interest, was mysterious, handsome, and at times annoying, though I didn’t mind that much. The two had great chemistry and I can’t wait to see their relationship develop further in the next books. I loved Kaleb, Michael’s best friend who had his own difficult past. He and Emerson formed a great friendship and I can’t wait for more Kaleb.

The plot took its time unfolding, but the book never felt like it dragged on. The real action doesn’t happen until the end of the book, but by then, with its time traveling aspects, it was crazy good. I also didn’t expect the twist at the end concerning the villains. Did not see that coming at all, but then it made sense, and I applauded Myra McEntire’s author skills. I suppose this novel is really sci-fi, but I like how you don’t necessarily get that vibe going into the book. The supernatural elements wove into the story seamlessly; it never felt abrupt or unbelievable (well, maybe the slightest bit because there’s none of that IRL) because pieces were introduced bit by bit, so by the end when things WENT DOWN, it made sense. I still caught a time travel loophole, though!


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