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Review — Rise by Anna Carey

Rise by Anna Carey, Book #3 in the Eve Trilogy. Read my review of Book #1, Eve, here, and review of Book #2, Once, here. Source: Library. Format: Paperback, 310 pages + 15 page bonus epilogue, Harper, HarperCollinsPublishers, 2013.

Well. This conclusion to the Eve Trilogy was… not exactly what I expected, yet also what I expected. After that terrible cliffhanger (cliffhanger? Was it even a cliffhanger?) at the end of book #2, Once, I wasn’t sure how Anna Carey would recover from it. To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of how she handled it here because I found myself more removed from Eve than I’d ever been. This book was pretty up-down-up-down but I wasn’t very drawn into the story. It seemed so typical and so similar to other dystopian reads. This series is still a good series, and I still love the very first book, but as the ending to a pretty crazy trilogy, I guess you could say I was disappointed. I wanted more Arden, let’s be frank. Because Arden is the best and she was almost completely missing from this book.

Rise continues the chronicle of Eve’s journey to aid the revolution to overthrow the New America. (MINOR SPOILERS FOR EVE AND ONCE COMING UP:) And her plot to kill her father, the King. And her pregnancy. And the fact that it’s Caleb’s child! Because we need Eve to be puking in addition to all the other crap that’s going on in the world… The books is also a trek back to Califia, the all-female safe town, with a bunch of girls from Eve’s old School–including two of Eve’s best friends whose names I can’t even remember. (END OF SPOILERS.) I couldn’t have cared less about the road trip back to Califia. The girls were all flat characters and the one girl who was the designated bitch made a seriously cringe-worthy mistake that (KIND OF A SPOILER?) nearly got everyone killed, even if it was (somewhat) understandable. But, man, that scene was pretty hard to read about, and not in a good way that pushed the story along. I guess the book just needed another scare to get things rolling again. But, yeesh, it felt a little desperate. (END OF POSSIBLE SPOILER.)

I can’t really say much more about Rise. I wanted more and it felt a little lackluster to me, even if it wasn’t exactly boring. I think I just stopped caring for the most part. But I wanted to care, I did. And, of course, like, the last two pages made me shake my head because I knew it couldn’t be true. Oh, great, I rhymed. (Sarcasm.) P.S. That epilogue was a little lame. It tried to tie things in a lovely little bow. It wasn’t very impressive.


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