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Review — Perfect Lies by Kiersten White

Perfect Lies by Kiersten White, Book #2 in the Mind Games series. Read my review of Mind Games, Book #1, here. Source: Library. Format: Hardcover, 230 pages, HarperTeen, HarperCollinsPublishers, 2014.

Perfect Lies picks up from where Mind Games left off. The Keane Foundation uses psychics to conduct corporate espionage. Fia is working from the inside. Annie is working from the outside. Both are attempting to take out Mr. Keane with the help from their various peers.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Mind Games, the first book. The characters, the world, and the plot were lacking. Perfect Lies improves on the characters and the plot; the world building, eh, not so much. No flashbacks, thank goodness, though. Rafael played a much bigger part in this book after his random appearance in Mind Games. Annie got cooler. Fia got less crazy. The chapters alternate between the sisters, and the chapters still jump around in time, like in Mind Games. Which gets confusing if you’re not constantly reading the chapter headers. (If you read my review of Mind Games, you’ll know how I don’t like to take time on chapter headers.)

I can’t think of that much to say about Perfect Lies. The plot felt tight… but also not. It was interesting and kept my attention, but some things were a bit all over the place and not always super concise. And yet, I didn’t feel like the plot unnecessarily meandered…  The end of the book, which I believe wraps up this two-book series, a duology, didn’t completely satisfy me. But at the same time I was content with it. I guess what I’m saying is that I neither liked nor disliked this book. It’s an improvement over Mind Games, that I will say, but Perfect Lies still didn’t hit me with anything mind blowing. There were no plot twists, there wasn’t much tension, the supporting characters fell flat. I did enjoy Annie’s little romantic subplot, but it wasn’t a big focus of the story. Normally “powers” books agree with me very much, but I guess this was an exception. However, the only powers Perfect Lies really showcases are physically blind Annie’s (she can see snippets of the future) and seriously spunky Pixie’s (mind reading). Fia’s perfect gut instinct power was lost in this book.

All in all I wasn’t very impressed with the Mind Games series, I am sad to say. I loved Kiersten White’s other book, The Chaos of Stars, which is about Egyptian mythology, so I guess this just wasn’t the series for me.


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